SeZing has helped a software pioneer to grow its business in Europe and strengthen its reputation as a world leader within the burgeoning marketplace for Open Application Lifecycle Management solutions. The creation of a VFO (Virtual Front Office) has enabled the client to increase awareness and sales leads among companies and developers from the UK, France and Germany.


Company – A leading Application Lifecycle Management solutions company

Industry/Market – Application Lifecycle Management software (ALM)

Key Business Challenges:

  • To Increase awareness of a new, business-critical software development & management solution
  • Capture a key share of the emerging ALM marketplace in EMEA

Key Business Solutions:

  • Creation of a ‘VFO’ to educate and qualify prospects in the UK, France and Germany

Key Business Benefits:

  • The ‘VFO’ team took only two weeks to go ‘live’
  • Proactive and reactive contact with prospects
  • Ability to communicate using local business language and etiquette
  • Prospects identified and new leads generated
  • Capability to ramp up ‘VFO’ team size and countries supported if required.

The Client

The client has provided over 80 percent of global 2000 companies with best-in-class solutions for more than 20 years. A key factor in the client’s success has been its neutral and non-proprietary stance with technology. This gives the company a respected independence and the ability to work across the broadest range of platforms and applications.

The client enhanced its business strategy by increasing its focus on Open Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions – a fast-emerging marketplace acknowledged by industry analysts such as Gartner. The client’s ALM solutions can help its customers to manage measure and improve the way they deliver software to their business. With its Open ALM technology, consulting and educational services, the client can help customer teams to work together seamlessly, leverage best practice and keep projects on time and within budget.

The Challenge

Keen to maximise the business potential of its ALM Solutions, the client needed a partner to help educated the marketplace, generate leads and qualify new prospects in the UK, France and Germany. Although the client had its own US-based marketers, as well as sales professionals in the field, they required a team to work alongside both of them.

The Solution

Within just a few weeks, SeZing created a ‘VFO’, with a dedicated, full-time team as an extension of the client’s sales and marketing department – using the same CRM system. The ‘VFO’ team also receives quarterly training updates from the client to increase its knowledge of the latest Open ALM.

The Results

The VFO served as a valuable initial interface with the enterprise and developer customers. Providing both proactive and reactive capabilities, the ‘VFO’ team helped to generate leads through email campaigns, web enquiries, white paper downloads and other channels. Talking with the potential customers, the team explained the value of the ALM proposition, gauged the level of opportunity and then qualified leads to pass to the client’s sales and account managers.

An important strength was SeZing’s multi-lingual capabilities. The team was able to communicate fluently with customers in English, French and German, as well as following preferred business etiquette for each country thereby giving the client a ‘local’ voice within Europe. The deep understanding of the technology markets and the key players within Europe held by the team at SeZing also proved useful.

The ‘VFO’ was a great success that over-achieved against the expected target by 63% generating in excess of 600 qualified leads.

Looking Ahead

The success of the ‘VFO’ and other work resulted in the client running further campaigns with SeZing from event boosts and follow ups to more in-depth lead generation projects.