The Challenge

The VP of Demand Generation for the Vendor, an e-signature transaction software company, faced a very typical marketing issue — bringing new leads into the top of the funnel and then, once those leads had been generated, building a pipeline through to that final close. The VP decided to break down his construction of the pipeline into a series of separate, though interconnected campaigns. He engaged us to complete one of those campaigns.

“The goal of this particular campaign was to build a community of people engaging and talking about the pain that they were feeling, and working with others to deliver solutions to those pains.” The ultimate aim was to build a social community drawing in new leads and keep them engaged through the pipeline.

The Solution

Given the dynamics of this particular project a good fit, at the time, was using a new feature recently made available (at that time) in LinkedIn – InMails*. We were able to target the market by:

  • Geographic area
  • Company size
  • Sector focus
  • Specific job title

By taking this approach we were able to target our audience, know the size of our audience, use friendlies to assist in the promotion and understand the risks and the returns of the campaign in depth.

Execution of the campaign

We created an ad that appeared within sponsored InMails and built three landing pages, one for each sponsored InMail. For messaging, the call-to-action was based on three objectives:

  • Attract — compelling thought leadership, top-of-funnel content
  • Engage — peer-related
  • Convert — focus on breakfast roundtables and webinar discussions.

With all the elements in place, the first sponsored InMail went out, it was great success with a very good response from the audience, going to the landing page and signing up for the roundtable.

We then used various digital techniques (Video and Offers) on the landing pages to move each roundtable registrant became part of Vendor’s online sales operations “guru” community.


Even though the campaign was run through the LinkedIn platform, the community we created was on the Vendor website rather than through a LinkedIn Group:

  • Campaign brought the Vendor ‘Sales Guru’ community involvement grew by 31% in numbers of participants
  • First mail had more than 25% InMail’s opened and more than 2% click throughs
  • The second, less successful, drop had more than 15% opens, and more than 1.5% click throughs
  • More than 5% of target audience ultimately registered for the ‘Sales Guru’ — Sales Ops Roundtable
  • 25% of registrants opting for social sign-in to register for the roundtables rather than on the landing page. The Vendor has now adopted use of LinkedIn marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy.

This campaign is one example of SeZing’s ability to think outside of the box and leverage the growing marketing automation and social tools.

NOTE: * this feature in LinkedIn InMail has now changed, as you may know they update their algorithm on a weekly / monthly based to curtail the spammers. We at SeZing work hard to maintain our knowledge of these platforms, to ensure that our campaign’s leverage the latest technology.