How to build the value in your Partner Portal?

Where Partner Portals are concerned it’s often extremely difficult to strip out the return or value being derived. Quite simply so many factors are at play.

Many see the Partner Portal as delivering return by reducing costs of access to sales, support or  marketing assets for Partners at a fraction of the traditional cost. Something that might be considered a ‘Partner focused website’. And there is something to be said for that.

More mature users of a Partner Portal go on to recognise further value through transactional support, facilitating (and thus controlling) actual partner transactions through their portal and thus  reducing costs associated with those activities as well.

Few however have made the move into the third and most interesting opportunity presented by Partner Portals. That is raising up through the value scale by utilising their Portal to actually ‘reach out to Partners’. By this we mean not simply attract new partners, but actually assist in gaining mind share from the Partners you already have.

It is worth thinking about for a moment. If you have already have a Partner Portal, which level  would you describe it as having reached? ‘Online Brochure for Partners’, ‘Brochure and Transactional Capability’ or both of those plus genuinely positive ‘Reach Out to new partners and all  classes of members (e.g. Directors, Salespeople, Support people) that exist in within your business Ecosystem’.


The further you can move up this curve, the greater the return to be gained from your Partner Portal.

What is most obvious, as you review the graph above, is that as you progress through the stages, the  all important visits, eyeballs etc, rises naturally. Each step naturally engages more and more of the Ecosystem you operate within and engagement naturally builds value.

At SeZing we understand the importance of building this into your Partner Portal and we understand the immense value that can be released by ‘doing it right’.