An ongoing program of Channel recruitment, development and analysis for the global leader in on-demand specialty digital printing and automatic identification solutions.



On-demand speciality digital printing and automatic identification solutions

Key Business Challenges

  • Program migration
  • Partner discovery
  • Channel recruitment

Key Business Solutions

  • Migration program management
  • Partner eSurvey
  • Integrated recruitment campaign

Key Business Benefits

  • Measurability
  • On time, on budget campaign delivery
  • Outsourced Channel expertise
  • Results delivery

The Client

Vendor helps companies identify, locate and track assets, transactions and people with on-demand speciality digital printing and automatic identification solutions in more than 100 countries around the world.

The Challenge

Vendor has a long standing relationship with its Partners and is committed to the indirect Channel route to market. To strengthen this business-critical link, Vendor sought an experienced consultancy agency to help in a number of sequential tasks.

  • First, migrating Partners of an existing program from an acquisition into its established Partners Channel program
  • To enhance the data on Partners and better understand their perception of Vendor and direction going forward
  • To identify gaps in current Partner coverage across EMEA and use this information to recruit specific Partners to fill these gaps.

The Solution

With expertise gained over a dozen years’ hands-on experience of the EMEA Channel, SeZing was ideally positioned to help the Vendor Channel team to address these Channel development challenges.

Step 1 – Transition

Based on the SeZing knowledge and experience, in conjunction with a well-established and clearly articulated Partners Channel program, the first task of transitioning existing Partners to the new program was relatively straight forward.

Applying their detailed knowledge of Channel dynamics and using the lever of a pan EMEA Partner event as a focus, the initial transition was effected quickly and efficiently with over 75% of Partners signing up to the new program.

Step 2 – Discovery

With all Partners now in the program, SeZing were tasked with researching the Channel Partners to discover their interest, capabilities, perceptions and future directions in the Partners First program.

Working closely with the Vendor Channel team, SeZing created a multi-level, multi-language Partner e-Survey which aimed to discover where Partners were at, where they were heading and what they thought of Vendor and its competitors and industry peers.

The result was a rich set of data that helped Vendor better understand it’s Channel at a very granular level, clarified what it was doing well and not so well, where it should focus sales and marketing resource and how it positioned in the market in terms of best practice.

The impact of the eSurvey reached beyond the sales and marketing team and was used by EMEA senior management in developing and strengthening not only the sales Channel, but also key Alliance Partners.

Whilst the e-Survey offered Partners the opportunity to update their contact details, SeZing carried out a further campaign focused solely on data enhancement. To maximise valuable marketing investment, this leveraged elements of the e-Survey and touched the entire EMEA Channel community – both with personalised digital communication and a telephone follow-up to non-respondents.

Step 3 – Recruitment

Armed with the results of the discovery process, it was possible to accurately identify the gaps in Channel coverage. Using a precise ‘ideal Partner template’ and experienced, native speaking Channel development agents, SeZing ran a series of focused, in-country programs across the key markets of EMEA covering UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Nordics.

These campaigns were focused, targeted and strictly time-bounded, and as SeZing were tightly integrated with the in-country sales teams, results were closely controlled and responsive to budget spend. Where it was deemed by the SeZing agent, in-country Sales and Channel marketing management that additional investment could yield tangible results, additional budget was made available, but tightly controlled against expected results.

Having developed a highly successful recruitment model for the key countries, this is now being rolled out into the developing EMEA markets of Russia, Poland, Turkey, Hungary and South Africa.


As with any ongoing Channel program, the results for Vendor must be seen in the context of healthy business relationships and increasing net sales. Specific to the campaigns described above, the following results can be noted:

  • 20% overall response to the eSurvey
  • 40% of click thru’s completed the survey
  • 26% of contacts updated their own data
  • 90% of data was cleansed across 70 countries
  • Partner recruitment resulted in significant impact on Channel sales across EMEA – e.g. in Italy where 6 new Partners were signed up, significantly improving sales.

Client Quotes

“Understanding our customers’ needs and changing requirements has never been more important than now.

We wanted to engage with our Partners across EMEA, not just to know how we were performing against our objectives and our peers, but also to know what’s important to our Partners in terms of product lines and marketing support.

SeZing was instrumental in developing a survey that delivered real insight to the views and needs of our customers. Being able to analyze results by region and company type on-line was a great tool for the sales and marketing teams. Overall the project was very well received in all areas of the business. Now we have a bench-mark to see how our results for 2010 compare.

Working with SeZing was an enjoyable experience – flexibility, proactive ideas, sound account management and a real desire to succeed.”